WHEN: 12:00PM BST, 19 April 2021

The rapid decline in media freedom worldwide is perilous for citizens everywhere. Despite the increased need for accurate, quality news and information during the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists and news organisations are facing alarming levels of harassment. Every day, they are threatened and attacked for simply doing their jobs.

From media capture in Hungary and Poland to political interference in Hong Kong, these threats are having a significant global impact on the news people receive. More so than at any time in recent history. However, coverage of issues of media freedom worldwide is sporadic and inconsistent.

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The lack of a media spotlight on media freedom issues is of great concern to both the Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) and the Public Media Alliance (PMA). As a response we are inviting you to participate in a special symposium run with the support of the Al Jazeera Media Network (AJMN). Our aim is to work with key players in order to identify ways to improve coverage of media freedom abuses worldwide.

Our concerns are shared by our keynote speaker, David Kaye, former UN Special Rapporteur on Media Freedom.


The participants of the symposium (19 April 2021) will be senior representatives from news media organisations and journalists. These organisations have a strong voice and substantial reach. By working more closely together they can influence both governments and society.

The aim of this symposium is to go beyond “discussion” and explore ways to inspire real change in order to shine a media spotlight on issues of media freedom worldwide. Concerted action is required by media organisations and governments to increase public awareness and inspire positive change. The aim is to identify proactive outcomes.

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This symposium is invite only. You can get more information and register your interest here or email us at info@publicmediaalliance.org

Take part in our media freedom survey

The PMA and AIB are also undertaking a survey among news organisations on media freedom work internationally.

We invite news editors, journalists, producers and executives to complete the survey that will help to inform the Symposium as well as the PMA and AIB’s work on media freedom and their participation in the Advisory Network to the Media Freedom Coalition.

You can access the survey via the link below. It can be completed anonymously if you wish.

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