Media: Uncovered – “What is the future of public media?”

31 March 2022
In the second episode of our new podcast, we explore the pressures facing public media organisations worldwide and ask: What do truly independent public media need to do to maintain their relevance? 

Public media celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, but with all the challenges facing it – funding pressures, government interference, the rise of streaming platforms and more – is its future in doubt? This episode of Media: Uncovered puts this question to Marius Dragomir, the director of the Centre for Media, Data and Society.

In New Zealand, the freshly-announced new giant public media entity might have the answer to how public media can remain relevant and reach new and young audiences. Radio New Zealand’s CEO (and PMA’s President), Paul Thompson, provides an insight into what is being proposed, how it could cement the future of public media in New Zealand, and what lessons it can teach others.

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