New industry-wide glossary provides an extensive resource of essential technical terms for the broadcast and media industry.

The IABM Glossary has been developed in partnership with Snell Advanced Media (SAM) and incorporates their renowned Digital Fact Book, which resembles 30 years of standards and technological change within the broadcast industry. Over this time, the fact book has been updated 14 times and has proved an invaluable reference guide for media workers as the industry transitions from analogue to digital.

Building on the efforts of SAM, this new online glossary will act as a “living resource” – updated regularly as technology evolves and with the input of those working across the media sector, from standards bodies and vendors to engineers, journalists and end-users. This combined approach to refreshing the glossary will allow it to keep pace as change accelerates, with new additions readily and universally accessible by all users.

Commenting on the transition from Digital Fact Book to online glossary, SAM’s Chief of Business Development and Marketing Officer, Said Bacho, said: “With the ever-increasing rate of change and the entry of a whole new raft of technologies from outside the traditional broadcast space, it’s no longer practical for a single company to keep such a wide-ranging resource current”.

Despite SAM’s fact book having been digitally available since 2015, IABM’s industry-wide reach will allow its contents to be more widely available than ever before. The generosity of SAM in contributing their longstanding guide is representative of an increasingly collaborative media landscape as media organisations face new pressures and adapt to a more multi-platform future.

Commenting on the glossary’s launch, IABM CEO Peter White said: “SAM’s enormously generous gesture will be applauded by the industry – a fine example of the new collaborative broadcast and media world, where we are all stronger working together. We will build on the solid foundations of SAM’s Digital Fact Book to give the industry a comprehensive knowledge base in The IABM Glossary that I hope will become a bookmark on everyone’s browsers!”

The IABM Glossary is now live and available for all.