PMA representative becomes a Co-Chair of the Consultative Network of the Media Freedom Coalition

1 June 2023
We are very pleased to announce that the Public Media Alliance’s (PMA) representative on the Consultative Network of the Media Freedom Coalition [MFC], Sally-Ann Wilson, has been appointed as the new co-chair. 
Media Freedom Coalition (MFC)
Sally-Ann Wilson (right) speaking at the MFC’s Year in Review session atCanada’s Permanent Representation to the United Nations in May 2023.

Sally-Ann started the role on 1 June, replacing Rachael Kay, Executive Director of IFEX, who stood down at end of May 2023.

The CN has three co-chairs who work within the MFC to represent the 22 civil society organisations that make up the Consultative Network.

“Rachael has been an exemplary co-chair and has worked hard to ensure that the views and inputs of civil society organisations are represented as the MFC evolves and grows”, says Sally-Ann.

Sally-Ann will share the work of co-chair with two other co-chairs, Silvia Chocarro [Head of Protection of Journalists Article 19] and Laxman Datt Pant [Chairperson, Media Action Nepal].

“I am thrilled that PMA’s representative on the MFC-CN has been appointed as co-chair. Sally-Ann is a passionate advocate for media freedom and will bring a wealth of experience from her time working as a journalist, producer, and as former CEO of the Public Media Alliance.” – PMA CEO, Kristian Porter.

More information about the MFC and MFC-CN can be found below.

About the Media Freedom Coalition

Media freedom is an integral element of democracy, human rights, global security and prosperity.

The Media Freedom Coalition brings together over 50 countries from six continents to promote media freedom through advocacy, diplomatic interventions, legal reforms, events and funding. In carrying out this work, governments of the MFC – as well as their embassies – work closely with civil society, legal experts, multilateral organisations and journalists themselves.

 About the Consultative Network of the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC-CN)

The Consultative Network of the Media Freedom Coalition, created in January 2020, is a group of national, regional and international organisations that in collaboration with a much broader set of civil society groups, voluntarily provides advice to the MFC on the Coalition’s work and facilitates selection of cases that it believes require State intervention.

The key objectives of the Consultative Network (CN) are:

  • To present cases to the MFC for action – both cases of concern in countries where media freedom is at particular risk and cases of individual journalists or media outlets under threat. This includes sharing information on the situation and providing recommendations on what the MFC can do to address it;
  • To offer advice on present and future issues within media freedom and media development, including speaking at MFC events, and channelling suggestions from CSOs, media, journalists’ associations, and others to inform the MFC membership;
  • To monitor the work of the coalition and provide inputs on the day-to-day and strategic work of the MFC.