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Digital Journalism in Africa


This project will ensure that broadcast journalists in Sub-Saharan Africa stay abreast of the latest technological-driven investigative techniques, including different approaches to accessing information. They will acquire skills to protect themselves, and their sources, particularly when communicating electronically and distinguishing between real and fake.

The project will be held in Namibia and covers journalists from South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe and will feature the following activities:

  • A two-day investigative journalism capacity-building workshop for investigative broadcast journalists. The curriculum will include freedom of information, investigating the environment, information security, interview skills, and personal security
  • One online webinar. The curriculum will include advanced online search, data journalism, and computer-assisted reporting
  • One toolkit guide on investigative journalism in the digital age

This project is supported by The Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust Fund and in partnership with The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).


The role that media can play as a watchdog is indispensable for democracy and freedom of expression.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, protracted armed conflicts, and rising terrorist threats, the past few years have been turbulent in Sub-Saharan Africa. Eroding public freedoms were evident during the pandemic, when governments in parts of the continent imposed sweeping restrictions on civic freedoms and press freedom, thereby limiting the ability to hold power to account.  According to the Afrobarometer’s latest survey the majority of people across the region expressed dissatisfaction with the way democracy worked.

During a time of confusion and disorder, the public needs strong and viable news media that inform citizens about current events and long-term trends. Therefore, now more than ever, there is a need for “strong investigative journalism”. This form of journalism goes further than conventional news reporting and can shine a light on social plights, influence public policy, hold power to account, and trigger change.


This project will run from 29-30 June 2023.

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Project partners

Public Media Alliance

With support from The Grace Wyndham Goldie (BBC) Trust Fund

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