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Towards a Sustainable Future for Public Service Media


This project is a one-day in-person workshop being organised by the Public Media Alliance, the International Association of Public Media Researchers, and the University of Westminster, to discuss public media sustainability.

Why this topic?

According to the United Nations Brundtland Commission, development can be considered “sustainable” when it “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

It is becoming increasingly common for public service media (PSM) to report on sustainability issues – particularly on environmental sustainability. This reporting forms part of wider efforts that must collectively be taken by individuals and organisations to address the climate crisis. But what more can public media do to address sustainability, both in terms of their own environmental credentials and the sustainability of their organisations?

Many of the challenges facing PSM fall under the category of sustainability, whether it’s environmental, financial or audience related. For example: how can PSM maintain the impact, relevance, and resilience of their public media organisation for years to come while insulating it from financial and political pressures?

The term increasingly features in strategic plans and charter renewals, with many PSMs launching sustainability goals, task forces, and policies. But how successful are PSMs attempts to remain sustainable? How do they achieve their goals in such a fast-paced and rapidly changing media landscape? And is there a more cohesive way of PSM working together to create more future-proof sustainability plans?

Who is this for?

The invitation-only workshop will bring together a small number of academics and public media representatives working in the area of sustainability.

It offers an opportunity for a frank discussion and knowledge exchange on sustainability and PSM, reflecting on recent strategies in a rapidly changing media landscape. Together, media practitioners and academics will work to identify what should be done next in terms of sustainability and PSM.

What will be covered?

Many PSM talk about sustainability. But is it clear what sustainability means for PSM? Is sustainability understood in the same way? Do they prioritise the same aspects of sustainability? Is there an understanding of the different layers (economic, social, environmental) of sustainability? How did they reach these priorities? How do they measure and report them? In short, what is next for a sustainable PSM?

Tuesday 13 June 2023, 9:30 – 16:00 (BST)

University of Westminster 

The workshop will be held at The Pavillion, Cavendish Campus, New Cavendish Street.

For more information or to show your interest email: info(at)

20 people sat at different tables in a conference room.

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Featured image: Rental bikes offered to ZDF staff in cooperation with regional public mobility providers. Credit: ZDF.

Secondary image: Participants discussing PSM sustainability in working groups at the Sustainability Symposium. Credit: Harry Lock / PMA