Join us on 23 November for a roundtable discussion with public media colleagues from around the world, on the subject of “Adapting to a digital future”.  

Staff at PMA’s member organisations are invited to attend our final PSM Unpacked roundtable of 2023. In this session, we will examine how public media organisations can adapt to the digital age and maximise the opportunities that the digital era provides. The event will be an informal conversation among colleagues in a private space, where we will consider challenges and best practices.

To register, please email by Monday 20 November.

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The digital age presents numerous opportunities for public service media to advance its mission and fulfil its purpose. As audiences fragment and seek more digital avenues of consuming media, , it is one of the most significant ways public service media can remain relevant and reach its audience.

But the digital age is something of a double-edged sword. While opportunities abound, some challenges still remain when it comes to adapting. In the face of global tech giants, increased domestic and international competition, significant infrastructure costs, and much more, how are public service media harnessing digital technology to remain relevant, reach diverse audiences, combat growing dis- and misinformation, and cement the role of PSM in society?

Are you a member of staff at a PMA member and your role focuses on the use of digital technologies in the organisation? Or perhaps you’d like to learn from your peers and consider ways to implement digital approaches in your work? Then this session is the right fit for you. We will bring together public media workers from across PMA’s global network who are at varying stages in implementing digital technologies.

During this session, we’ll consider topics related to ‘transitioning to a digital future’, such as:

  • What does a “digital first” strategy look like?
  • What opportunities are currently available for public media in embracing digital technologies?
  • What opportunities and challenges do a digital switch-over present for some public media?
  • What are the main challenges and obstacles with the digital future?
  • How can public media embrace the digital age without leaving behind audiences who prefer or rely upon non-digital technologies?

Thursday 23 November, 1400 – 1630 GMT (UK time)*

Please see other relevant time zones below (or check your local time here)

15.00 (Abuja, Nigeria – West Africa Time)

16.00 (Cape Town, South Africa – South Africa Standard Time)

09.00 (Kingston, Jamaica – Eastern Standard Time)

*The session will last between 60-90 minutes. Participants will not be obliged to commit to beyond 60 minutes. 

Via Zoom.  

The session will be recorded for PMA’s records but will not be published publicly. Instead, a summary sheet of key discussion points, practical advice and resources mentioned will be made available shortly after the forum via our website and sent out to participants.  

Participants will receive a link to the roundtable meeting upon registration.  

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Please register by Monday 20 November

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