A Framework for Assessing the Role of Public Service Media Organizations in Countering Disinformation

University of Helsinki, Finland; Cardiff University, UK; Central European University, Austria; Complutense University of Madrid, Spain | Minna Horowitz Stephen Cushion Marius DragomirSergio Gutiérrez Manjón, and Mervi Panti
Published: 2021

Public service media (PSM) are widely acknowledged as part of the variety of solutions to disinformation. The remit of PSM, formed around values of universality, equality, diversity, accuracy and quality, implies a responsibility to fight disinformation by producing fact-based news content and finding anti-disinformation solutions. In this article, we introduce a framework for assessing how PSM organizations are able to counter disinformation in different contexts. Our normative framework provides a triangulation of contextual factors that determine the role of the PSM organization in the national environment, the activities carried out to fight disinformation and expert assessments of the potential of PSM to reduce the impact of disinformation. The framework is illustrated with analyses of PSM from the Czech Republic (CZE), Finland, Spain and the United Kingdom (UK).

[Text sourced from the Taylor and France Online]

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