The ACMA is Australia’s broadcasting, internet, radio communications and telecommunications regulator. Their intention is to make “media and communications work for all Australians“.

The role of the ACMA is diverse, from online safety courses for children and parents to conducting research on the Australian media communications environment to inform decision makers. Away from education and research, the ACMA also manage Australia’s radio frequency spectrum, ensuring that it is equipped for the continuing pressures rapidly growing ownership of mobile internet devices.

As regulators, the AMCA is responsible for investigating codes of conduct and practice both on an individual and organisational level. This includes combatting the misuse of content, abuse and producing guidelines that help to protect consumer and citizen rights.

The links below take you to two of the ACMA’s most recent reports. ‘The Communications Report 2014-2015‘ reports on the “performance of carriers and carriage service providers, including consumer satisfaction, consumer benefits and quality of service“, whilst the inaugural ‘ACMA snapshot‘ (September quarter, 2015) offers an overview of the ACMA’s “broad and diverse” regulatory activities.

Communication Report 2014-2015

AMCA Snapshot: September 2015