The Contribution of NRK to Norwegian Media Diversity

A review from The Norwegian Media Authority to the Ministry of Culture 

Published: November 2021

Front cover of summary report 'The Contribution of NRK to Norwegian Media Diversity' Credit: Medietilsynet
Front cover of summary report ‘The Contribution of NRK to Norwegian Media Diversity’ Credit: Medietilsynet

“In a report published on 29 November 2021, the Norwegian Media Authority (NMA) concludes that the public service media provider NRK contributes positively to media diversity and to the overall offer to the public by fulfilling its public service broadcasting remit and by working with other actors in the Norwegian media market. A detailed summary of the report is now available in English.

The objective of the report, commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, was to identify how NRK contributes to diversity of content and exposure, whether it fulfils its duty to cover thematic and geographic blind spots and how the competitive effects of its activities impact on the media market. on online news and current affairs.

The review is based on the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data and studies from a wide range of sources including NRK, public authorities, consultants and academic researchers and takes into consideration input from the media industry.”

[Text sourced from the European platform of regulatory authorities]

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