Keeping informed

As misinformation proliferates in the digital age, cultivating media literacy is more crucial than ever. Welcome to our comprehensive collection of global media literacy resources.

We have curated a selection of essential resources spanning media literacy, digital literacy, and news literacy. Whether you are an educator or journalist, our library offers insights, guides, best practices, lessons, and inspiration to enhance your critical thinking skills and discern fact from fiction in today’s media environment. The library supports your work in empowering your students or audiences.

The resources below are split into three sections: media literacy, digital literacy, and news literacy. Use the tabs provided to navigate between sections and discover invaluable resources.

As the digital landscape evolves, so too will our library. We invite you to contribute to our growing repository by submitting recommended resources for inclusion. Have suggestions or insights to share? Reach out to us and help shape the future of media literacy. Together, we can build a more informed and resilient society.

Updated: May 2024

Header Image: Edubox in action at Middenschool Den Brandt, Boom. Edubox is an example of a media literacy resource that is included in PMA’s digital library. Credit: VRT