RJR comprises four TV stations, including Television Jamaica, and three radio stations

TVJ, formerly known as the Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation, was privatised in 1997. The Group is funded by advertising. It is listed on the country’s stock exchange, and states that its shareholders range from ordinary Jamaican citizens to state and private .

RJRIn a country famous for its musical influence around the world, exemplified by Bob Marley, the radio landscape is a competitive, and a well-established one, with over two dozen stations. RJR has pioneering roots, deriving from Radio Jamaica, said to have been established in 1939 by a ham radio operator, and was also one of the first stations in the Commonwealth to broadcast regularly in FM, in 1951.

Now as Jamaica’s largest media group, and one of the biggest in the Caribbean, RJR has branched into events. In 2013 it launched Kingston Music Week, which saw live dozens of live music performances – most of them free – held across the capital. In addition, there were live broadcasts at multiple locations, online-only events and cross-promotion on TVJ and social media. The popular event was repeated in 2014, and it will continue to expand to other locations, with a wider range of music genres, and to innovate with multiplatform, e.g. holding a live concert from its studios that invites the whole island to join in.

The Group Managing Director is Gary Allen, who is also a long-serving member of the Public Media Alliance board, and one of our Vice-Presidents.

Membership: Full member

Year established: 1939

Digital standard: DTT

Web address: http://www.rjrgroup.com

Main funding source: Commercials