National public broadcasters RNZ (Radio New Zealand) and CBC/Radio-Canada announce new partnership agreement

20th September 2023
Ahead of the Public Broadcasters International conference in Prague, executives from RNZ and CBC/Radio-Canada signed the first Memorandum of Understanding between the two public service media organisations. 
Representatives from Czech TV, RNZ, CBC/Radio-Canada, the Canadian Embassy to the Czech Republic, and PMA standing side by side.
Representatives from Czech TV, RNZ, CBC/Radio-Canada, the Canadian Embassy to the Czech Republic, and PMA attended the event. Credit: Leah Takata / CBC/Radio-Canada

This press release was originally published on CBC/Radio-Canada.

RNZ (Radio New Zealand) and CBC/Radio-Canada today announced a new partnership agreement between the two national public broadcasters that focuses on three key areas:

  • Indigenous cultures and languages — Share knowledge, experiences, and best practices to better reflect the respective diversity of Indigenous cultures and languages
  • Podcasts — Share podcast content, and explore collaboration on cross-promotion and possible co-productions
  • Journalist training — Share knowledge, best practices and learnings, and explore potential content exchanges and collaboration

“During a time where misinformation and disinformation are rife, the need for independent public media has never been more significant. Our partnership with CBC/Radio-Canada signifies exciting new opportunities for collaboration and a chance to leverage our strengths together. Learning new and improved ways to better reflect Te ao Māori in our content and throughout our organisation is also a pivotal next step and something we are committed to, in the present and future. I’m excited about this partnership and the ways in which we can enhance public media for generations to come.”

— Dr. Jim Mather, Chair, Board of Governors, RNZ

“As the national public broadcasters of two countries rich in cultural diversity, we have much in common and much to learn from each other. Through our participation in multilateral forums, such as the Global Task Force for public media, and many bilateral exchanges, we’ve planted the seeds of a fruitful partnership over the past few years. Today, I am thrilled to see it blossom with the signing of this new partnership agreement.”

— Catherine Tait, President and CEO, CBC/Radio-Canada

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed in Prague at the Embassy of Canada to the Czech Republic, just ahead of the Public Broadcasters International conference (PBI Prague 2023), an annual international gathering of public media executives. Ms. Tait will speak at PBI on September 21 (10:50 to 12:00 CEST) in a session on threats to journalists’ safety and how public media can respond. Dr. Mather will speak later the same day (15:00 to 16:00) in a session on diversity, equality and inclusion.

Ms. Tait and Dr. Mather will also participate in a meeting of the Global Task Force for public media on September 20. Established in 2020 and chaired by Ms. Tait, the Global Task Force promotes and defends the values of public media—access, accuracy, accountability, creativity, impartiality, independence and high standards of journalism—all of which underpin informed and healthy democracies.

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