Call for Application: Workshop & meeting to develop social media guidelines for Caribbean journalists

We are pleased to announce our upcoming workshop and meeting with UNESCO to develop social media guidelines for journalists and media organisations in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Broadcasting Union announces new partnership with CCTV+

Partnership with China Central Television News Agency (CCTV+) aims to distribute Caribbean news content to an international audience.

Zika public service announcements for Caribbean broadcasters

As the Zika virus spreads throughout Latin America, radio is once again proving its worth in crisis situations.

Workshops and journalism development in the Caribbean

Our workshop facilitator Steffon Campbell discusses investigative journalism workshops as pathways to the development of journalism in the Caribbean

UNESCO & PMA Workshop on Investigative Journalism in the a Digital Age

Caribbean journalists from 11 nations took part in our three day investigative journalism workshop in Kingston, Jamaica

UNESCO/PMA Investigative Journalism in a Digital Age workshop

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Investigative Journalism workshop in Jamaica, in partnership with UNESCO.