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Media Freedom in Hong Kong – MFC Statement

Two years after the closure of the Strand News, the members of the Media Freedom Coalition issued a statement on media freedom in Hong Kong.


RTHK’s new head signals broadcaster’s continued decline

The appointment of a senior civil servant to head RTHK shows the revolving door between government and the broadcaster.

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Hong Kong: trust in broadcaster RTHK falls

A new study shows trust in RTHK has dropped over the past two years, while independent media faces sustained pressures and threats.


World Press Freedom Day 2022: themes from the past 12 months

For World Press Freedom Day 2022, PMA has analysed six press freedom themes which have been prevalent across the past twelve months.

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Hong Kong: Media freedom concerns persist into 2022

Raids and closures of independent news outlets in Hong Kong signal continued pressures in 2022 on media freedom from National Security Law.

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Staff picks: PMA’s stories of the year

It has been a challenging year for public media worldwide – these are the staff picks for the stories that will stick with them most. 


Hong Kong: The dire state of public media

PMA condemns the further constriction of RTHK following High Court rulings and growing evidence of editorial interference.

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Hong Kong: Guise of national security interests continues to restrict life and media

A new film censorship bill threatens freedom of expression in Hong Kong. It joins other changes affecting civil society and media in the city.

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Hong Kong: Tightening grip of the National Security Law

New crimes are being prepared under the National Security Law — a move that could further crush dissent and democratic life in Hong Kong.

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Six dark months: A timeline of RTHK’s decline

A new partnership with China’s state media has made it abundantly clear that the editorial independence of Hong Kong’s public broadcaster is no more.