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Maldivian public and independent media has faced an uphill struggle in recent years after a period of relative gains between 2008 and 2010.


News outlets feel the pressure in the Maldives

In November 2016 we reported on controversial defamation penalties introduced in the Maldives. Now, the realities of these measures are starting to come to light.

Malé, Maldives

Controversial defamation penalties revealed in the Maldives

Freedom of expression and media independence take another blow in the Maldives as the government brings controversial Defamation Act penalties into effect.

Maldivian government warns against involvement with Al-Jazeera documentary

The Maldivian majority party has threatened to use defamation laws to punish those involved in producing or broadcasting a documentary that uncovers corruption in the country, produced by Al-Jazeera.

Foreign journalists in Maldives to require background checks

Media professionals will be now face restrictions to work in the Maldives, as the government has now disposed new immigration rules.

Further curtailment of free speech in the Maldives

The passing of a new defamation law will have further serious consequences for freedom of speech, the media and democracy in the archipelago State.

Maldives government forces critical news website to close

The Public Media Alliance is deeply concerned about freedom of the press and media independence in the Maldives after a sustained period of government pressure upon critical news outlets.

World Press Freedom Day 2016

PMA CEO Sally-Ann Wilson reflects on global media freedom and our concern for public media in Tonga