France far-right threatens to privatise public media

The far-right National Rally has pledged to privatise public media in France if it wins a majority in the country’s snap parliamentary election.

Buenos Aires Argentina

Fears for future of public media in Argentina after Télam shuttered

Journalists and press unions went a strike on 5 March in protest against the decision to close down the national news agency, Télam.

Buenos Aires Argentina

Increased pressure on public media in Argentina

Tensions are rising for public media in Argentina, with threats of privatisation and police forces are placed in front of PSM headquarters.

Close up of President elect of Argentina, Javier Milei.

Argentina: PMA calls on Milei to protect public service media

The Public Media Alliance urges Javier Milei to recognise the vital role public service media play in democracy and protect public media.

The Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation's headquarters in Jersualem.

Israel: Kan threatened with privatisation

The new Communications Minister has said there is “no place” for public broadcasting in Israel, as he threatens Kan with privatisation.

Channel 4

Privatisation off the table for Channel 4 and EBC

The UK government is to scrap plans to privatise Channel 4, while Brazil’s new government has saved EBC from privatisation.

Netflix on a TV

Netflix subscription woes: what can they teach public media?

The idea of introducing Netflix-style subscriptions to finance public media is being flirted with in some countries. But would it work?

Channel 4

Channel 4 must not be privatised

Privatising Channel 4 means UK audiences could lose something precious: an independent, self-financed, well-performing and publicly owned broadcaster.

Insight: Why Brazil’s public media must remain public

As Brazil's government looks to sell off the EBC, two staffers write about the fight to keep public media in public hands.


Brazil: Plans to privatise EBC escalate

The National Bank has invited companies to prepare plans for the privatisation of the public media organisation.