PSM Weekly | 12 – 18 June 2024

Our weekly round-up of public service media related stories and headlines from around the world.

Netflix on a TV

How public media are competing with streaming services

What approaches are public media taking to remain competitive and distinctive from their better-funded rivals, the streaming companies? 


PSM Unpacked | Covering elections for young audiences

In our next roundtable, we'll look at the different ways that public media covers elections for young audiences.

A group of journalists sit in a newsroom on their computers.

Medios Públicos de Uruguay unveils new editorial guidelines

The President of the Uruguay's public broadcaster, Gerardo Sotelo talks to PMA about their new editorial guidelines.


Proposals for Swedish public media raise concerns about future support

A lack of political consensus over new proposals for Sweden's public media has been described as "astonishing" and "unique".

Global Task Force

Global Task Force for public media condemns destruction of TV tower in Kharkiv, Ukraine

The destruction of a TV tower by a suspected Russian missile strike in Kharkiv is an attempt to silence news media and constrain access to vital news and information, says the Global Task Force for public media.

Slovak public broadcaster building

Slovak government pushes ahead with move to replace RTVS, dealing fresh blow to media freedom

The plans fuel media capture concerns and present a real threat to independent public service media and media freedom in Slovakia.

Italian public broadcaster accused of bias ahead of elections

Rai journalists strike calling for independent PSM as government is accused of turning Rai into a mouthpiece ahead of the EU elections.

Mental health for media professionals must be prioritised

Our recent workshop discussion, held at this year’s Radiodays Europe, found an urgent need for workplace mental health and wellbeing policies for media professionals.

Telecommunications towers

PSM Weekly | 27 March – 2 April 2024

Our weekly round-up of public service media related stories and headlines from around the world.