PMA extremely concerned by arrest and harassment of journalists in China

A BBC journalist was arrested by the police while reporting on protests in China, while an RTS journalist was also threatened. 

SRG SSR building

SRG SSR’s Director General on Public media and direct democracy

“The fate of democracies will depend on their ability to produce and disseminate quality information,” writes Gilles Marchand, DG of SRG SSR.

Groupe de Travail Mondial

Déclaration du Groupe de travail mondial en soutien aux médias publics en Slovénie

6 juillet 2021 - Le Groupe de travail mondial pour les médias publics est vivement préoccupé par les nouvelles preuves de pressions soutenues et déstabilisantes exercées sur les médias publics en Slovénie.

Global Task Force

Global Task Force statement in support of public media in Slovenia

The Global Task Force for public media is deeply concerned by further evidence of sustained and destabilising pressure on public media in Slovenia.

SRG SSR building

Insight | The “No Billag” Swiss Saga

Gilles Marchand, the CEO of SRG SSR, reveals all about the passionate fight for public media in Switzerland amidst the recent "No Billag" campaign.