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Focus on PSM | SABC

With an ongoing debt crisis, an investigation into state capture and resignation threats, have things gone from bad to worse for South Africa’s public broadcaster?


Webinar | Social Media Guidelines for Journalists & Media Makers in Southern Africa

Join us on 18 July for our live webinar on developing social media guidelines for journalists and media makers in Southern Africa. 

SABC HQ South Africa

Ongoing debt creates uncertain future for SABC

There are growing concerns about the future of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in light of its current, debilitating financial situation whereby financial mismanagements have resulted in crippling amounts of debt.


PMA Workshop | Developing Social Media Guidelines for Broadcasters in Southern Africa

Our new workshop seeks to collaboratively establish guidelines to strengthen the role of social media in the Southern Africa region.


March deadline for new SABC board

After months of delay, eight board vacancies at the South African Broadcasting Corporation could finally be filled.  


Update | The latest at SABC

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) has faced a number of crises in recent years due to mismanagement, allegations of censorship and political interference.



Outcomes from our participation in the South African Public Broadcasting Policy Review Colloquium.

Change at the top for SABC

It has been a year of change at the South African public broadcaster, as 2018 brings a new CEO, COO and CFO.


New editorial line for SABC

With ‘Black is Here’  the South African public broadcaster seeks to rebuild its image and move on from its turbulent past.


SABA 2017 & SABC Annual Report

The publication of the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) 2017 Annual Report reveals few surprises to those attending last week’s Southern Africa Broadcasting Association (SABA) conference in Windhoek.