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ZNBC fails to pay staff salaries during Covid-19 pandemic

Zambia’s national broadcaster, ZNBC, is failing to pay its journalists’ salaries on time, despite their continued dedication to report about Covid-19 under challenging and unprecedented conditions.


Silencing the Twitter-Chatter

Legislation to fight ‘fake news’ and cyber-crimes across Sub-Saharan Africa endangers press freedom

Zambian government to award 60% share in ZNBC to China’s TopStar

Zambia’s government refuses to back down on a decision to award 60% share in the national broadcaster, despite a public outcry and rebukes from the opposition.

Broadcast moves archive

From our Archive: High-level appointments and departures in public radio and television

Bright sheds light on Zambia’s digital plan at the IBC

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation’s principal engineer went on a successful fact-finding and supplier-shopping mission to this year’s IBC through our bursary

Zambian reporter visits Kenya to look at tourism coverage

Elias Lunga is one of four CBA Travel Attachment Bursars for 2013. Find out what he learned from his trip

Bound for Kenya, Canada, South Africa and Rwanda

Presenting the four broadcasters who received this year's CBA travel bursaries...

Gender on the agenda in Malawi

Malawian content producers and NGOs, and their counterparts in Zambia and Botswana explored ways of redressing gender imbalance in TV and radio

Getting airtime for African women’s voices

A workshop for local content producers and NGOs from Malawi, Zambia and Botswana will start in mid-November. It aims to help broadcasters and organisations redress gender imbalance in TV and radio