A list of resources for journalists, broadcasters and media organisations reporting on children and young adults

Below is a list of tools that may be of use to journalists, broadcasters, and media organisations who are seeking to report on children and young adults. For those carrying out investigative work, sections on investigative and data journalism tools might also be useful. We will continue to update the list so if you think there is something missing, let us know by emailing editor@publicmediaalliance.org.

Conducting interviews with kids: Do’s and don’ts

The Columbia Journalism Review put together some of the best practices for reporters to keep in mind when interviewing children, or approaching them for quotes. The page considers questions about the ethics of using kids as sources in stories, parental and school permissions and much more.

Covering children and trauma 

This guide by the Dart Center offers help for journalists who are reporting on children and their experiences of violence and trauma through tips and best practices. The guide includes chapters on interviews strategies, confidentiality and tips for editors and journalists dealing with the topic.

Children: coverage, images and interviews

This short guide by ONA covers the ethics of reporting on, interviewing and photographing children and teens. The webpage lists common situations where ethical considerations apply and what to do about them.

Guidelines for journalists reporting on children

Developed by UNICEF this page offers principles and guidelines to help journalists covering children’s issues with accuracy and clarity and without compromising children’s rights.

Interviewing Children: Guidelines for Journalists

This guide by the Dart Center provides best practice for journalists to follow when they need to report on and interview children who have been caught up in traumatic event such as disasters, crime, illness, terrorism and violence.

The Media and Children’s Rights

This guide was commissioned by UNICEF and created by MediaWise, based on the experience of working journalists. The handbook explores how the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child might have an impact on the way children are represented in and by the media. The most recent edition of this guide is from 2013.