A list of resources for journalists, broadcasters and media organisations carrying out work in the health and science sector

Below is a list of tools that may be of use to journalists, broadcasters, and media organisations who are looking at uncoding scientific research, the health sector and the wider field of science. For those carrying out investigative work, sections on investigative and data journalism tools might also be useful. We will continue to update the list so if you think there is something missing, let us know by emailing editor@publicmediaalliance.org.

AHCJ – Association of Health Care Journalists

The AHCJ is a non profit organisation in the US that seeks to advance public understanding of healthcare issue through high quality, accurate reporting. The website is particularly useful for those covering healthcare issues in the US as the website features a health data section as well as a career development section. The resources featured in the website can be useful for any journalists working in the health sector anywhere in the world.

Case Medical Research

This app offers the opportunity track research available in a specific topic of focus. Case scans thousands of medical journals such as NEJM, Lancet and more to find out about the latest cases in topics ranging from genetics, disease, drugs and so on. Users have the opportunity to view abstracts in 100 languages and listen to their audio transcriptions, watch medical research videos and receive weekly updates on research matching a topic of choice. The app is available on the web, Google Play and Apple Store.

European Health Journalism

This website offers resources and information for health journalists working in Europe. The website features courses, reports, masterclasses and projects in the region as well as a syllabus for training US health journalists.

Getting Started in Science Journalism – The Open Notebook

Dedicated a whole section to help science writers and journalists to sharpen their skills and guide new, aspiring journalists in the sector. The section features over 350 articles and other resources, ranging from finding ideas pitching, researching, reporting, fact-checking and much more.


SciLine is an independent organisation that seeks to improve the quality of science reporting by connecting experts with journalists and other media professionals working on stories about science-related issues, for free and with deadlines in mind. The website also offers fact sheets and briefings on a wide variety of science topics.

The DHS Program

The Demographic and Health Surveys has a whole data section on their website where registered users can find data on population, health, HIV and nutrition gathered through more than 300 surveys in over 90 countries around the world. The data has been collected, analysed and disseminated by the DHS Program. The section also includes full reports, key findings, analytic reports and a step-by-step guide to DHS data analysis.

Vital Signs

Vital Signs, launched by ProPublica, is an interactive web app that gathers information from ProPublica health-related investigations across the U.S. Users can sign up for notifications every time they update the data or if something important changes. The website currently hosts information on 1,332,178 health care providers.