Czech Television launches a new image campaign

15th February 2024
Czech Television’s new campaign, “Ame rádi ČT” showcases viewer-chosen favourites and the diverse range of programming across all channels and social media platforms.
Aerial view of Česká televize.
Aerial view of Česká televize in Prague. Credit: Czech TV.

This press release was originally published on Czech TV.

Czech Television has prepared a new image campaign called Ame rádi ČT, the aim of which is to show not only the most popular series and projects, but the full breadth of Czech Television’s programming. Three forty-second spots feature real viewers who have chosen their favorite shows themselves. The campaign will run on all channels (with the exception of Déček) for about a month and will also appear on ČT’s social networks.

“Czech Television did not have its own image campaign for many years, which is a shame, because it is good to be reminded from time to time what Czech Television does and for whom. We wanted to show the breadth of Czech Television’s offer through our viewers and in their own words,” explains Marketing Executive Štěpánka Sunková and adds: ” We selected approximately sixty people of different ages, genders and interests, the youngest girl was four years old, the oldest registered viewer is 93 years old . The spots therefore show not only the most popular programs and projects, but also a wide spectrum of viewers who proudly subscribe to Czech Television. After all, the final claim of the spot is: We are here for each of you.”

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Czech Television addressed viewers with a challenge on the screen, and within a few days almost seven hundred of them signed up via the web form. The aim was to select a mix of real viewers from the youngest to the oldest with their real program preferences. The smallest children, teenagers and seniors will appear in three spots. Spectators were willing to come to Kavčí hory from various corners of the Czech Republic.

“The idea to invite viewers to the campaign came at a time when we were preparing the CEO’s New Year’s greeting with the employees. The new image spot is actually its free continuation. For those of us who work at Czech Television, it is nice to see those for whom we make programs. It’s a great motivation, ” concludes Štěpánka Sunková.

The filming itself lasted only one day at the premises of Czech Television. Spots of the image campaign can be found in iVyszílání: