Join us at the digital edition of this year’s WPFC conference where we will be hosting a session called Why Public Media Matters.

WHEN? 10 December, 10:45-11:45 CET

A free press has never been so important to ensuring that people around the world have access to a plurality of quality news to inform their day-to-day decisions, whether it’s during times of election or in dealing with a global pandemic.

With core values of accuracy, independence, impartiality, universalism and accountability, public service media have a central role to play in any free media environment. Where they exist, they are widely considered the most trusted national media “brands”.

Yet around the world, these essential outlets face rising challenges. From media capture and political interference to funding constraints and audience perception, public media are having to adapt rapidly.

In this session (10 December) we will explore and debate the following questions: What defines PSM today? What maintains public trust in national media? And how best can PSM maintain its independence and continue to be both credible and trusted in the digital era?

A free press is essential

Hosted by the Dutch Government and UNESCO, the World Press Freedom Conference on 9 and 10 December will be a diverse and vibrant event, where communities from all over the world gather virtually to connect, share and learn from each other. A number of prominent figures from the world of journalism and the media will be making an appearance at the digital WPFC.

Especially now, in times of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a free press is essential in helping us cope, understand and overcome the crisis. This makes it all the more necessary to come together to stand up for a free, independent press and the safety of journalists.

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Public Media Alliance members

This event is open to all and we encourage all PMA members to register for the event and join our session Why Public Media Matters.

Registration is free but spaces are limited.