Join us in celebrating World Radio Day

Radio continues to play a pivotal role in society wherever you live. We invite all PMA members to tell us about their innovations for this year’s World Radio Day. 

During the global COVID-19 pandemic the PMA team have heard many stories about the power of radio to connect and inform people. UNESCO World Radio Day on 13 February celebrates the power of radio and PMA invites members to contact us to tell us about how you have adapted and innovated to ensure that radio continues to connect people during the pandemic. We will showcase the best examples on World Radio Day.

Tell us about your innovations: info[at]

Celebrations in 2021

On the occasion of World Radio Day 2021 (WRD 2021), UNESCO calls on radio stations to celebrate this event’s 10th anniversary and the more than 110 years of radio.

This edition of WRD is divided into three main sub-themes:

  • EVOLUTION. The world changes, radio evolves.
    This sub-theme refers to the resilience of the radio, to its sustainability ;
  • INNOVATION. The world changes, radio adapts and innovate.
    Radio has had to adapt to new technologies to remain the go-to medium of mobility, accessible everywhere and to everyone;
  • CONNECTION. The world changes, radio connects.
    This sub-theme highlights radio’s services to our society—natural disasters, socio-economic crises, epidemics, etc.

Tell us about your innovations: info[at]