ZDF, ORF and SRF are once again increasing volume in co-productions

16th June 2023
The public television stations from Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland – ZDF, ORF and SRF – agreed on joint programme projects for 2023/2024 at their annual co-production conference.
Der Schwarm promotion image.
The ZDF series highlight based on the bestseller by Frank Schätzing. The series was a coproduction between multiple European public service broadcasters. Copyright: ZDF/Staudinger + Franke

This press release was originally published by ZDF

The programme managers of the three broadcasters discussed the transnational cooperation, this year on the 12th and 13th June in Innsbruck. At around 141 million euros, the co-production volume in 2022 was around two million euros above the value of the previous year.

Thanks to the successful cooperation of the three stations, it was also possible to realise long-standing productions such as “Der Alte”, “Lena Lorenz” or “1, 2 or 3” again last year. A number of documentation programmes, such as “Africa from above” as well as cultural and entertainment programmes were also implemented. For 2023/2024, the cooperations will continue in a variety of joint projects and across all genres, including with further “Landkrimis” and new episodes of “Die Toten vom Bodensee”, “Ein Fall für zwei” and “Das Traumschiff” as well as in 2023 with another edition of “Wetten, dass..?”

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“Public service broadcasting thrives on high-quality content, proven as well as innovative programmes. This is also made possible by strong partnerships: ZDF, ORF and SRF together make good TV programmes for people from all three countries and offer people added value. To understand our audience even better, to pick it up where it is – this is more important than ever in the digital age and is currently particularly driving us around. We are also in exchange for challenges and opportunities this year and learn together from our experiences. We benefit from this as television makers, from which our programme benefits,” says ZDF programme director Dr. Nadine Bilke.

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ORF programme director Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz emphasises: “By working with strong partners such as ZDF and SRF, we can present our audience with a variety of highlights – from the ‘Toten vom Bodensee’ to ‘Der Schwarm’, ‘Der Bergdoktor’ to ‘Wetten, dass..?’ – and realize new content together. As a public broadcaster, we form an alliance in which we set innovations and continue to offer our viewers the best programme in a targeted manner in the future.”

“To understand our audience even better, to pick it up where it is – this is more important than ever in the digital age and is currently particularly driving us around.” – Dr. Nadine Bilke, ZDF Programme Director

SRF Director Nathalie Wappler: “The cooperation and exchange of experience with our long-standing partner stations from Germany and Austria are extremely valuable to us. Together, we have been able to realize high-quality formats that are relevant to our audience for many decades. So it is only logical that we will tackle programme developments together at an early stage in the future – always with the aim of presenting the best possible content to our viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I am very pleased about this further strengthening of our partnership cooperation with ZDF and ORF.”

The co-production conference of ORF, SRF and ZDF has been held annually since 1967. The aim of cooperation across borders and genres is the joint production of productions with strong relevance for the German-speaking world.