New Zealand: Media vs big tech struggle

New Zealand media bosses warned MPs this week journalism is in jeopardy if they don't back a Bill making big tech pay for news.

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SABC rocked by internal scandal; bill continues to face pressure

A scandal over an undisclosed profit-sharing agreement has seen three senior SABC executives suspended.

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Radio across Europe joining forces to fight for rightful place in the car

Radio across Europe is joining forces to fight for its rightful place in the car, and Sweden's Radio is leading the effort.

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Pivot to digital amid job losses

The UK’s Channel 4 and Swedish Radio have both announced job cuts while also stressing that digital investment is its most urgent priority.

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The Rugby World Cup on Czech TV – a great experience again!

In the autumn of 2023, the Czech Republic became a rugby nation for two months, with Czech TV broadcasting all 48 matches of the World Cup.

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PMA & partners call on EU to help journalists in Israel-Gaza war

PMA and partners urge the EU to call for press freedom and journalists’ rights to be respected during the Israel-Gaza war.

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Pacific uniqueness is our ‘super power’ to tackle challenges ahead

As the world focusses on the region “in which the sun never sets”, PMN is well placed to amplify Pacific peoples' voices, writes Don Mann.

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2024 begins as 2023 ended… With journalists under threat

With multiple conflicts and with a mass of elections, the environment for journalists in 2024 is increasingly hostile.

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Why newsrooms need to prioritise journalist safety in 2024

Media consultant Hannah Storm discusses the need for newsrooms to take seriously both the physical and mental safety of journalists in 2024. 

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Staff highlights of 2023

It’s been another busy year for both public media worldwide, and for PMA staff. Here’s our top highlights from 2023.

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