Beyond the licence fee: more PSM considering new funding models

The licence fee has remained a popular funding model for PSM. But it's under threat, and broadcasters are searching for an alternative.

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Local Democracy Reporting Service: A model for public broadcasters?

In 2017, the BBC launched the Local Democracy Reporting Service to support the production of public interest journalism by local newsrooms.

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ZDF makes history with English language adaptation

ZDF's adaptation of a bestselling German novel will be, in a first for the broadcaster, produced in English. 

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Malta: PBS labelled ‘state controlled’ amid press freedom concerns

There are growing concerns surrounding the editorial independence, governance and funding of national broadcaster in Malta.

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Greece: Spread of ‘fake news’ legislation continues

While the South Korean government has quashed its plans to introduce a ‘fake news’ law, Greece is looking to impose such regulations.

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MEPs message to Slovenian government must be heeded

MEPs have called for the immediate resumption of financing to the Slovenian Press Agency (STA) and the relenting of pressure on media.

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Public media comes out top in Germany election

A survey held after Germany's 2021 federal election highlights the relevance and public trust placed in public broadcasters.

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PMA commends ABC’s outgoing News Director for commitment to public media

From general elections and raging wildfires to a global pandemic, Gaven Morris has overseen some of the ABC's most important stories.

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Online protection for journalists long overdue

Facebook’s updated designation of journalists as “involuntary” public figures is a much needed, long overdue, and welcome change; but it does not address all the problems.

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SBS Australia’s language services review underway 

SBS has commenced its regular review of its language services, kicking the process off with a six-week public consultation. 

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