Join us at Radiodays Asia 2023

12th May  2023

PMA members are eligible for exclusive discounts on tickets for this year’s event in Kuala Lumpur

Credit: Radiodays Asia 2023

RADIODAYS ASIA is a collaboration between Radiodays Europe, the world´s largest and leading conference for radio, audio and podcast, and broadcasting and podcast partners in Asia and Australia, among them Public Media Alliance and the ABU. The 2023 edition will run over 2 days 5-6 September in 2 tracks with 50 sessions. Top international speakers and industry leaders as well as succesful producers and market experts will share their insights. An additional day, prior to the main event, will focus on edicational workshops and masterclasses on the 4 September.

Since 2019 RADIODAYS ASIA is the meeting point for everyone in radio-audio-podcasting that wants to understand more about  the challenges of today and tomorrow for radio-audio-podcasting. How you can make sure that your service and business will be part of the New Golden Age of Audio. The event will bring 400 attendees from 40 countries together with a top-quality programme and many networking opportunities to meet and learn from colleagues in the audio industry.

RADIODAYS ASIA will be held at the Royale Chulan Hotel in central Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 5-6 September.

How do I register for Radiodays Asia?

You register on the registration page on the Radiodays Asia website and pay the ticket fee directly with an international creditcard. You can register more than one person, just add the individual names and pay in one go.

If you want an invoice (only for groups of 5 or more), contact

The PMA member discount price per pax with this code will be:

300 USD before 25 July (instead of 349)
349 USD before 25 August (instead of 425)
400 USD last minute price (instead of 450)

The ticket price includes access to 2 days conference in 2 tracks, lunches and tea breaks, as well as an evening networking event. A selected number of videos from the conference will be available for 30 days after the event. The registration fee does not cover travel or accommodation.

To access the discount, members should email PMA at

PMA will be running two sessions during the conference:

  1. Podcasts: Going beyond the headlines

    When a big news story breaks, the audience ́s interest might be difficult to meet. In this session we will hear about how you can use podcasts to give more in-depth and context to big news stories, such as bushfires, disasters, erupting conflicts or political processes. With cases from the BBC, ABC and others.

    Presenters: Jonathan Aspinwall and Sam Bonham (BBC); Darshini Kandasamy (Trident Media).

  2. Journalism: Covering the uncovered 

    This session will discuss and examine the specific challenges of reporting from a country where the government does not allow a free flow of information. How do you get true and balanced reporting from a closed country? What ways can be used to inform the citizens when most outlets are strictly controlled? 

    Guests: Thomas Bärthleiner (DW Akademie); Adam Gemma (Democratic Voice of Burma); and David Hua (SBS). Moderator: Harry Lock (PMA).

PLUS: PMA partner with DW Akademie for PodcasTraining workshop

The Public Media Alliance and Deutsche Welle Akademie have partnered to bring DW Akademie’s highly successful podcast design workshop to Malaysia for this year’s Radiodays Asia conference.

Whether you’re an audio pro or just starting out, the MethodKit for Podcasts developed by DW Akademie and MethodKit can be used across every aspect of your podcast — from development to production to distribution to marketing or from audience growth to content ideation and more.

In this session, you’ll learn how to use this new analogue and digital tool, as well as find out more about its development and how it’s being used globally. Furthermore, you’ll discuss the value of podcasts in times of crises and how podcasts can complement breaking news.

The MethodKit for Podcasts was developed by Deutsche Welle Akademie in collaboration with leading podcast experts from around the world and includes 61 cards designed to help you and your team discuss, map, plan, ideate & prioritise your podcast journey. The kit has been translated into 28 languages.

Bring your podcast ideas to the workshop, learn how to use new tools, and become part of DW Akademie’s global PodasTraining community.