BBC India offices searched by authorities

14th February 2023 
The Public Media Alliance is deeply concerned by Tuesday’s search of BBC offices in India as part of an investigation by income tax authorities.  

The search of BBC offices in Mumbai and New Delhi follow the UK release of a BBC documentary in January exploring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s actions during anti-Muslim violence in the state of Gujarat in 2002, when Modi was the chief minister. 

In recent weeks, the Indian government has attempted to block people sharing the documentary via social media and labelled it as propaganda. Authorities have also detained students for watching it.  

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A BBC statement said the organisation was “supporting our staff during this time.”

The search comes amid heightened concerns for the decline in media freedom in the country, where there have been moves to allow greater government control over online content and a decline in journalist safety.

According to the BBC, the targeting of organisations seen as critical of the government is not uncommon in India. Last year, Oxfam and other NGO offices were searched, while Amnesty International was forced to halt its India operations in 2020.

This is a developing situation. Further updates can be found via the links below:

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