Radiodays Asia 2024

PMA is once again partnering with Radiodays Asia 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, and offering exclusive discounts for staff at PMA-member organisations. 

Al Jazeera Network building in Doha, Qatar

Al Jazeera taken off air in Israel

The move to shut down Al Jazeera television operations in Israel widely criticised as a further decline in press freedom during a conflict that has already taken a devastating toll on journalism.  

Public Spaces Incubator unveils innovative concepts for better online public conversations

The Public Spaces Incubator considers how public broadcasters can stimulate informed public debate that is essential to democracy.

ZDF building with banners.

ZDF and ARD start open source initiative for shared streaming network

ZDF and ARD start a collaboration on one technical platform for everyone – efficient, oriented to the common good and transparent.

PSM Weekly | 1-7 May 2024 | WPFD Special

Our weekly round-up of public service media related stories and headlines from around the world.

WPFD: “High quality environmental journalism needs all our support”

The Director of One World Media on the urgent need for supporting and investing in environmental journalism around the world. 

Press Freedom

WPFD: Public media and press freedom in 2024

Elections, climate crisis and conflict - 2024 is a litmus test for press freedom and public service media, writes PMA's CEO, Kristian Porter.

WPFD: News 5 Belize: Journalism’s vital role in tackling the climate crisis

On World Press Freedom Day, News5 Belize is more than ever advocating for press freedom and the planet, highlighting the values of PSM.

WPFD: Public service media and the environmental crisis

We speak to leading public service media about how they’re facing up to the environmental crisis, in their journalism and organisations.

WPFD: NBC Namibia: Sport coverage and protecting the environment

The head of sport at NBC Namibia, Sackie Shikufa, shares how the sports department is confronting the environmental crisis.