CBC/Radio-Canada announces programming and job cuts

5th December 2023
CBC/Radio-Canada revealed its intention to reduce its workforce by approximately 10% and eliminate certain programmes as part of its strategy to address a potential budget shortfall of $125 million.
Toronto, On, Canada - May 16, 2020: Entrance to Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto, headquarters of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Credit: JHVEPhoto/iStock

This press release was originally published on CBC/Radio Canada and is republished with permission. 

CBC/Radio-Canada today announced it will be implementing program and job cuts over the next year in order to manage approximately $125 million in budget pressures forecast for the 2024–2025 fiscal year.¹ These pressures are a result of the same structural factors affecting all media companies in Canada, including rising production costs, declining television advertising revenue and fierce competition from the digital giants. CBC/Radio-Canada is also managing forecast reductions to its parliamentary funding beginning in the next fiscal year, including the end of program integrity funding of $21 million received annually since 2021.

The Corporation expects to cut about 600 union and non-union positions across the entire organization. Furthermore, it has identified about 200 currently vacant positions across the Corporation that will be eliminated. CBC and Radio-Canada will each be cutting in the range of 250 jobs, with the balance coming from Technology & Infrastructure and other corporate divisions. Each division will begin phasing-in reductions based on their business plans and operational requirements. Some will begin immediately; most will take effect over the next 12 months.

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The Corporation will also be reducing its English and French programming budgets for the next fiscal year, including approximately $40 million in independent production commissions and program acquisitions. This will result in reduced renewals and acquisitions, fewer new television series and episodes of existing shows, as well as fewer digital original series.

Earlier this year, the Corporation began implementing over $25 million in discretionary cost reductions including travel, sponsorships, marketing and postponement of technology initiatives. It also limited filling vacant positions.

These reductions are being done in a way that maximizes the Corporation’s flexibility, should its financial situation change next year, and minimizes the effects on our employees and the programs and services we provide to Canadians.

“CBC/Radio-Canada is not immune to the upheaval facing the Canadian media industry. We’ve successfully managed serious structural declines in our business for many years, but we no longer have the flexibility to do so without reductions.
“We understand how concerning this is to the people affected and to the Canadians who depend on our programs and services. We will have more details in the months ahead, but we are doing everything we can to minimize the impact of these measures.”

—Catherine Tait, President and CEO, CBC/Radio-Canada


1.  CBC/Radio-Canada’s fiscal year runs from April 1 to March 31.