In light of the recent financial and political pressures facd by public service broadcasters across the Balkan region, this timely report offers an in-depth update on the state of independent media in Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.
CIMA Balkan report. Image: CIMA
CIMA’s Captured News Media report

Titled “Captured News Media”, this extensive report by the Centre for International Media Assistance (CIMA) looks at why independent media outlets, which are essential to democratic development, are failing to survive in parts of the Balkans.

The report’s authors suggest that Media Capture, “a systemic governance problem where political leaders and media owners work together in a symbiotic but mutually corrupting relationship”, may be to blame.

In a region which has seen much media investment and donor support since the troubles of the 1990s, this report outlines why a free and independent media is essential to its ongoing sociopolitical development and the role the media plays in influencing cross-border relationships and stability.

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