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ABC and Australia’s local news crisis

With declining revenues and closures taking its toll on local news services, the ABC is playing its part in maintaining coverage despite its own financial pressures.


Spain: RTVE management issues remain unresolved amid financial concerns

Three years after Congress approved a reform to allow the election of the president and board members of Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE), the public broadcaster is yet to have its…

City of Lahore, Pakistan.

Pakistan: Serious concerns for journalist safety and editorial independence

Attacks on journalists and threats to editorial independence continue to endanger media freedom in Pakistan.

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Enter the World TV Awards for the chance to win US$5,000

Science and humanity broadcast programmes from across the globe are sought for this annual competition to recognise the best in factual television

After the typhoon: rebuilding with radio in the Philippines

We hear from a disaster communications expert helping at Radyo Bakdaw, a station set up in storm-ravaged Guiuan, where Typhoon Haiyan made landfall

Travel bursars of 2012

The world mourns Nelson Mandela

South Africa’s first black president and hero of the anti-apartheid struggle has died, sparking a outpouring of grief and tributes for a man who embodied freedom and reconciliation

Australia takes analogue signal off the air

One of the first countries to broadcast digital TV will complete its switchover by the end of this year

What Scottish independence would mean for broadcasting

If Scotland left the UK, what shape would its national broadcaster take?

What has TV done for the world?

On World Television Day, we reflect on why this ubiquitous medium’s time is far from over, and an opportune moment to remember its value

Ghana’s public broadcaster to launch ‘university’

GBC moves to make its established training courses recognisable outside the corporation

Kenya media bill concerns, Sierra Leone passes FoI law

The Kenya government will meet with media groups today over censorship fears. While in Sierra Leone the government is commended for passing freedom of information laws

International broadcasters in the battle for influence

The contest between public media brands has never been hotter, with more players and platforms. An expert panel gathered at the BBC to debate who is really winning