At a conference in Papua New Guinea last week, the government expressed support for the nation’s move from analogue to digital broadcasting.

At the Pacific Media Partnership Conference in Port Moresby last week, experts in the media field discussed the current global trends and the role public media plays in the development of the Pacific nations. One of the key discussion topics was digital transition from analogue broadcasting.

The move would be costly and professionals asked for the government’s support.

The state Enterprise Minister, William Duma, approved the transformation and expressed the government’s encouragement. “The government has always remained committed to transition from analogue to digital transmission,” said Minister Duma after the conference.

According to him and many professionals in the field, this move would create more opportunities for current and new broadcasters in the country as well as providing the public with more better quality content.

“We are not looking at short term benefits,” Duma added. “We are looking at the long term benefits for our people”.

The move to digital broadcasting is becoming a trend among other Pacific nations, with others due to follow Papua New Guinea in the near future.

Header image: Downtown Port Moresby from Touaguba Hill. Credits: MSchlauch/Creative Commons