We are very pleased to welcome Teledetodos as our newest partner.

Teledetodos is a Spanish research group that advocates for public service media (PSM) values and its importance in Spain. The association brings together professionals, academics, researchers, citizens and all those interested in public media, what it stands for and its contribution to society.

Some of the main aims of Teledetodos are:

  • Promoting the right to have independent and sustainable public service media in a democratic society
  • The defense and promotion of a multimedia public service media
  • The support and promotion of training in the sector
  • Researching new formats in the digital era
  • Promoting right of access to and dissemination of social journalism
  • Organising activities to improve the quality of information and audiovisual content in public media

Their website also provides a shared space for professionals and academics who work in the communications and public media sectors. It hosts research, opinion pieces, and features relevant articles from Spanish websites and publications. Teledetodos also organises seminars, conferences and events and conducts their own research, in Spain and across Europe too.  

This collaboration is highly pertinent at a time when partnerships are increasingly needed to truly understand and uphold the real value of public interest media and effectively work to support its function and role in a democratic society.

We thoroughly look forward to collaborating with Teledetodos.

Find out more about Teledetodos