One World Media has launched their Special Award for independent media outlets in developing countries

Callforentries.132456The Special Award recognises an independent media organisation based in a developing country using media to address social, cultural, political and economic issues.

The Award seeks to recognise and encourage outstanding reporting that informs the public, provides an outlet for local people’s voices, creates a space for critical information and holds those in power to account.

Last year’s award went to Welad ElBalad, a local media development pioneer in Egypt. The organisation won the award based on its efforts to provide capacity development to local communities to generate consistent, proficient and independent local media products to counter the highly centralised Egyptian media landscape post revolution.

Over the past three years Welad ElBalad has succeeded in setting up the country’s only network of independent local newsrooms with full teams of trained local reporters.

The deadline for applications is the 4 February 2016. 

Source: One World Media

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