PTS Taiwan received invigorated budget, plans to start operation of new children’s channel

30th August 2023
Funding for Taiwan’s public broadcaster, PTS Taiwan, has increased threefold, which it will put towards the launch of a new children’s channel. 
PTS Taiwan's building. Credit: PTS Taiwan.
This report was provided by PTS Taiwan.

On August 24th, Taiwan’s Executive Yuan approved the central government’s total budget for the 2024 fiscal year. Of this, the Ministry of Culture was allocated 26.866 billion NTD, marking a growth rate of nearly 32% compared to this year. This included an increase to the Public Television Service (PTS) budget, which after the amendment of the Public Broadcasting Act, lifted the 23-year-old donation fund cap of 900 million NTD. PTS’ donation fund increased to 2.3 billion NTD, a growth of 150%.

The Ministry of Culture stated that compared to other sectors, the cultural budget may not stand a high percentage in the government’s total budget; however, the Ministry believes that even a slight increase provides significant support and inspiration to Taiwan’s arts and culture industry.

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The increase to PTS’ budget was in direct response to the Public Broadcasting Act amendments and suggestions from all parties represented at the Legislative Yuan. According to the regulations of the newly amended Public Broadcasting Act, it is stipulated that “PTS should propose an annual work plan based on operational needs and ensure that funds for channels are designated for their specific purpose.”

The Ministry of Culture stated that 600 million NTD from PTS’ budget will be used for the production of original children’s content and programming, aiming to enhance the agency of children and empower the production of original Taiwanese animation. PTS plans to start operation of a fully children’s content orientated satellite channel alongside a digital app version, with hopes to develop and nurture diverse original Taiwanese content and scripts, while also spreading industry connections and benefits.