PTS Taiwan makes waves at INPUT 2022, announces hosting of INPUT 2023

18 May 2022

PTS Taiwan was one of the standouts at the INPUT 2022 conference, as the annual event for global public broadcasters concluded in Barcelona, Spain on 13 May. 

PTS Acting President Cindy Shyu giving her welcoming speech to INPUT members. Credit: PTS Taiwan
This report was provided by PTS Taiwan.

PTS Taiwan not only participated in the conference with the screening of its own produced movie The Silent Forest, but also announced the big news that it would be hosting next year’s INPUT.

INPUT has been established for more than 40 years, with the mission to promote the social contribution of public television broadcasters. Every year, INPUT holds an annual conference in one of its member countries, selecting and screening the most innovative and discussion-worthy TV programmes from the works submitted by its members. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 conferences were postponed and only resumed this year, with delegates from 35 countries gathering from 9-13 May.

PTS’ striking new film The Silent Forest, which explores the issue of sexual abuse in schools for the hearing-impaired, was selected to be screened at this year’s INPUT. The participants from various worldwide public broadcasters all expressed their admiration and appreciation of the film and the hard topics and issues it displayed.

The Silent Forest screening session

Many considered the film a demonstration of the courage and responsibility public media holds, and felt there was a need for similar stories to be told in their home countries as well. Much praise was also given to the main actors who seamlessly portrayed hearing-impaired students. The moderator of the session, Associate Professor Mercè Oliva from the School of Communication of Pompeu Fabra University, also pointed out that the sound design of The Silent Forest was outstanding, succeeding in immersing people into the world of the hearing impaired.

On the last day of the conference, PTS was once again the center of attention. During the closing session, it was announced that INPUT 2023 would be held in Taipei. This is the second time after 2006 that PTS has received the opportunity to host INPUT.

PTS Acting President Cindy Shyu and INPUT President Judy Tam

In addition to inviting the delegates to Taipei next year, Cindy Shyu, Acting President of PTS, also gave a brief introduction to PTS WORLD TAIWAN, the international YouTube channel of PTS, providing delegates a way to get a better look at Taiwan and PTS before next year’s conference. In addition, on request of PTS, a local Taiwanese boba tea shop provided 150 cups of boba milk tea to closing session attendees, giving INPUT members a quite literal taste of what is to come next at Taipei INPUT 2023.

This report was provided by PTS Taiwan, a member of the Public Media Alliance.