Opportunities and challenges of public service media organisations in countering information disorder: The Case of Nordis

Elis Karell and Minna Aslama Horowitz l Nordis

One of the key challenges that Public Service Media have to face today is the dissemination of disinformation. With the flourishing of so-called “fake news” all over social media platforms and certain media outlets, finding strategies to combat the spread of disinformation has become an important role of PSM. Based on the cases of the NORDIS countries, where PSM are known to have a strong legacy and are highly trusted by the population, this report investigates different remedies that are put into place to counter disinformation and educate citizens about this growing issue.

This study stresses out how important it is for PSM to be politically, editorially and financially independent to carry out their mission against disinformation, but also that they have to be supported by national governments and EU institutions in this fight, in terms of finance and design of policies. The conclusion to this report highlights the necessity for PSM to be allocated means that would allow them to tackle disinformation from different a front, as strong PSM are vital for a healthy national media system.

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