PSB report
Credit: CIMA

Rethinking Public Service Broadcasting’s Place in International Media Development

By Susan Abbott

This report re-evaluates the role of public service broadcasting (PSB) in the current, international media climate and what its future may hold. 

In her report, Abbott raises critical questions for the media development community regarding what PSB can bring to a crowded digital media environment to ensure media diversity and plurality, the role of donors, what the successes of PSB have been and what its future may entail. In clear and concise language, she also successfully manages to define core terms including what is PSB and how it sets itself apart from state-run broadcasting.

About the author:

Susan Abbott is an independent consultant who specializes in working with non-profit organizations, universities, and donors in the areas of media development, civil society assistance, and digital rights. Abbott provides consulting services for facilitating workshops and training programs, grant writing, monitoring and evaluation, and organizational capacity building.

[Text above sourced from CIMA]