Despite the rise of online streaming music platforms, a survey suggests radio is still the predominant media for finding new music in Canada.

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen in Canada last April, 65% of the participants said they discover new music through radio, in particular by checking the traditional AM/FM stations.

While friends and relatives still influence 40% if the people, this is not the same for digital audio or streaming, as only 21% consider digital sources more influential.

This echoes previous research conducted in the UK in 2015. The survey showed that radio was the most popular source for music discovery and listening, even if accessed via digital devices, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Canadians still tune in to the AM/FM when they want to find out something new, however only 19% of those surveyed keep on listening to it afterwards, while the rest moved onto other platforms (such as videos or streaming websites) to listen to the same song again.

This suggests that whilst radio might still play a prominent role when it comes to the discovery of good music, digitisation of the media may continue to influence the way people interact with it.