As a prelude to International Women’s Day, PMA and its partners organised an event in Haiti on digital safety for female journalists. The event follows last week’s successful workshop sessions for local media professionals. 

On Sunday 6 March, an in-person International Women’s Day event was held in Haiti, covering digital safety and related issues and solutions for local female journalists. It was organized by the Public Media Alliance and its partners PANOS Caribbean, UNESCO Haiti, and Solidarite des femmes haitiennes journalistes (SOFEHJ).

The conference sought to draw attention to the urgent need to combat both digital and physical violence against women journalists, particularly during times of crisis. It also offered an opportunity to discuss digital violence against the wider female population in Haiti.

Catch up on the event:

The event followed the successful conclusion of our two-day workshop for Haitian media professionals in the areas of ethical journalism, the safety of journalists, and combating disinformation. From 2-3 March, 29 media workers met virtually for training and discourse meant to build their capacity and contribute to the local media landscape. The media workers also contributed to the development of a code of conduct on crisis management that will be released later this month.

The next event will be an in-person workshop on press coverage and risk control during protests or in conflict-prone environments. Scheduled to be held in Port-au-Prince for 20 journalists, this one-day event is in partnership with Association Nationale des Medias en Lignes (AHML).

This Haiti project is implemented by Public Media Alliance (PMA) and our local partner PANOS Caribbean. We would also like to thank Association Nationale des Medias en Lignes (AHML) and Solidarite des femmes haitiennes journalistes (SOFEHJ) for their input and UNESCO Haiti and the Rapid Response Mechanism of the International Program for the Development of Communications (IPDC) for their support.

Header image: Audience members at the Kinam Hotel for the PMA/PANOS/UNESCO/SOFEHJ conference, 6 March 2022 Credit: Institut PANOS / Joseph Steevens Samuel