Browse a selection of presentations from PMA’s Global Conference 2018

Titled “Speak Out! Rebuilding Trust in Media and Democracy”, the event brought together PMA members, journalists and public media thought leaders from around the world to discuss solutions to some of the key issues facing public media and public interest media worldwide. Held in Jamaica, the event sought to make the most of the country’s high press freedom score to have frank conversations about the growing threat of nationalism, populism, competitive pressures and the challenges facing investigative journalists. It also aimed to encourage dialogue about solutions and ways to maintain and improve public media platforms.

Below you will find a selection of in-depth presentations and resources from PMA18. All presentations are listed according to session order.

From Crises to Solutions

Marta Catalano, Digital Communications & Content Officer & Kristian Porter, Editorial Manager

This presentation used research behind PMA’s PSM Weekly newsletter to emphasise the global and shared nature of the crises facing public media, using examples of government interference and funding cuts at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, self censorship and the rise of populist movements in Central Europe to emphasise the shared nature of these threats. But where there are challenges, there are solutions. This presentation also highlights some of the ways public broadcasters can rebuild trust in their brand, further their reach and involve the public they’re accountable to.

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Share the Core Value: Empowering Citizens &Partnership with PSB

Jessie Shih, Director of International Department/Documentary Platform, PTS Taiwan

For  Taiwan’s Public Television Service (PTS), innovation has been central to maintaining a high level of trust among its audience.  Jessie Shih used her presentation to reveal how the broadcaster successfully includes its audience in the production of news through its citizen journalism service, PeoPo. Launched in 2007, the service truly puts the the public into public service media by offering a self-regulatory, peer managed UGC platform used by a wide breadth of ages.

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Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation

Gerard Teuma, CEO, Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation

Gerard’s presentation explored the role of GBC as Gibraltar’s public broadcaster and the opportunities and challenges it faces. The broadcaster has a 65% local production quota, and its output “is a way of contributing back to the community”, particularly in times of crisis where the station becomes a go-to resource for accurate and timely information. Gerard’s presentation highlights how GBC must also show value for money and promote Gibraltarian identity and culture. The local nature of the broadcaster allows it to contribute to local events and even host an Open Day for charity.

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Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

John Paul Rodriguez, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

John Paul’s presentation explores the role of Gibraltar’s broadcast regulator,  its relationship with the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation and how it acts to ensure that government funding to GBC is appropriately spent while maintaining the PSB’s independence from political and economic interests.

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Role of Media in Disaster Preparedness

Amanda Pitt, Chief, Strategic Communications, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA)

Amanda uses her experience at the UNOCHA to explore a  number of lessons that the media need to apply when it comes to disaster preparedness such as: developing early warning strategies and lifeline resources, providing context for relevant regions and communities, promoting a two-way dialogue – whether this be with communities, response agencies or other media organisations on how best to cover a disaster – and the need to develop partnerships with the private sector.

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