For the second time in just over a month, a Public Media Alliance member organisation has been faced with the grim and harrowing task of covering a major terrorist attack on their doorstep. 

Committed to high standards of independent  journalism, the media channels of Capital Maharaja in Sri Lanka, have provided solid facts throughout the appalling terrorist attacks that took place at multiple sites in the country over the Easter weekend. At times such as this, good journalism is essential but never easy. I am sure the thoughts of all PMA Members are with our colleagues in Sri Lanka at this distressing time.

With death and injury on such a scale, citizens clearly need access to information. But that information needs to be accurate and verified. Following Sunday’s bomb explosions it quickly became clear that a great deal of misinformation was being shared via social media channels. As a response, the Sri Lankan Government took a decision to block some social media platforms. Access to information is essential during times of crisis and emergency and media freedom is a human right, but that right comes with responsibilities and the situation in Sri Lanka serves to demonstrate how social media platforms need to urgently ensure that the information provided by them is both accurate and credible.

Sally-Ann Wilson, CEO