We are proud to announce that Swedish Radio have become members of the Public Media Alliance (PMA), the largest global association of public broadcasters, with its CEO Cilla Benkö joining the PMA Board.

Founded in 1925, Swedish Radio (SR) plays a critical role in Sweden’s democracy through its mission to investigate, entertain and challenge.

The public broadcaster boasts a weekly audience of 7 million (Sweden’s population is 10 million) and enjoys a high level of trust among the public, at 70 percent*. The broadcasting charter helps to ensure Swedish Radio’s editorial freedom and its independence from political, commercial, and other interests. The charter is granted to SR by the government for several years at a time.

Swedish Radio has the largest network of correspondents in the Nordic region, reporting national and regional news from 26 stations across the country, with staff permanently based at over 50 locations. It has four national FM bands and a wide range of web-based services and podcasts, which can be accessed via the Swedish Radio app. SR focuses resources on technical development and has developed several world leading tools to create and transmit radio content. SR also produces content in over ten languages, including all official minority languages.

PMA has reported on the important role played by SR in Swedish society and its strong, direct links with its audience. It’s an exemplary public media organisation, operating in the 3rd best country for press freedom worldwide. But like all public media organisations, SR also faces a number of political and competitive challenges.

Cilla Benkö
Cilla Benkö, CEO Swedish Radio

We also welcome SR CEO, Cilla Benkö, to our board. Cilla has long been a leading advocate for the core values of public media and journalist safety around the world. Speaking of her appointment, Cilla said: “I am delighted that Swedish Radio is joining the PMA. The PMA is an important voice in the international debate on the value and importance of public service media and we hope that by joining we are able to participate even more in the discussion of these issues. The PMA’s global reach also offers us the opportunity to interact with and learn from public service colleagues around the globe.”

PMA CEO, Sally-Ann Wilson, said: “PMA is delighted to welcome Swedish Radio [SR] as a new member. SR has long been a beacon for the role of public radio in society and we look forward to sharing their insights and experience. 

With our unique focus on public media globally, all PMA members gain by organisations like SR joining with us to better support and advocate for the critical role that public media plays in the world.

Cilla will be a very welcome addition to the Board of PMA. Cilla is a long term Board member of the EBU and has long been a passionate and vocal supporter of the values of public media”

The Public Media Alliance looks forward to working with Cilla and Swedish Radio to support and advocate for quality, independent public service media worldwide.

Header image credit: Mikael Grönberg/Swedish Radio