Online harassment Bernier Canada

Canada: PMA deplores online harassment of journalists

PMA joins CBC/Radio-Canada in voicing support for all journalists who are subject to online harassment because of the work they do.

CBC Annual Public Meeting

INSIGHT | A year like no other at CBC/Radio-Canada

CBC/Radio-Canada's 2021 annual public meeting was held on 16 June. In this Insight report, we highlight some of the key takeaways.


PMA welcomes CBC/Radio-Canada’s sustainability strategy

New five-year plan aims to transform Canadian public broadcaster’s environmental footprint.


Supporting local news in North America

News deserts have continued to grow, leaving a number of communities without access to local news outlets. But initiatives across North America are aiming to change that.


World Radio Day 2021

Evolution. Innovation. Connection: UNESCO could not have chosen more apt themes to celebrate the 10th edition of World Radio Day.


Public hearings into CBC/Radio-Canada’s licence renewal process complete

At the forefront of the public broadcaster’s licence proposals are an emphasis on its audio-visual digital services and an “audience-first” regulatory framework.

Global Task Force

Die zunehmende Bedrohung für die Sicherheit von Journalisten und Journalistinnen

In den vergangenen Jahren haben die Bedrohungen und Einschüchterungen von Journalistinnen und Journalisten an Ausmaß und Intensität zugenommen. Besonders für Journalistinnen wächst der Grad dieser Bedrohungen und es zeigt sich ein Muster, das Kampagnen von Online-Gewalt mit realen Übergriffen und Attacken verbindet.

Groupe de Travail Mondial

La sécurité des journalistes est en jeu

Ces dernières années, les journalistes font l’objet de manœuvres d’intimidation et de harcèlement en ligne dont le nombre et la gravité ne cessent d’augmenter.


Insight | Yes, the world needs more Canada

Globalization. Nationalism and populism. Disinformation and mistrust of institutions. Online hate. In a noisy, chaotic world brimming with content, your national public broadcaster is an important platform for Canadian values and creative voices to the world. And the world is watching.


Insight | What CBC’s newsrooms are doing to deliver on pledge to improve diversity, inclusivity

Half a year has passed since killing of George Floyd in U.S. set off global reckoning with anti-Black racism.