A slab of granite with the RTÉ sign engraved.

New leadership for RTÉ as licence fee evasion increases

As the new RTÉ Chair was appointed, it was announced that TV licence fee losses since last year’s payment scandal rose up to €22 million.

The Beehive, New Zealand's Parliament

TVNZ: The news funding model is broken – but this would fix it

Newshub shutting down and cuts at TVNZ show that New Zealand needs a new funding model for its fourth estate. 

Image of hills with radio towers on top.

Resignations and discord lead to turmoil at RTVC

The departure of a deputy radio manager at RTVC has sent shocks throughout Colombia's media landscape, amid wider turmoil at the broadcaster.

TV Tower in Sarajevo

BHRT warns it’s on the brink of collapse

BiH might become the only European country without a public broadcaster, as BHRT reported existential challenges due to lack of funds.


A World Without Radio-Canada

Catherine Tait discussed the crisis in Canada's media ecosystem and the decline of trust, two existential threats to the survival of Radio-Canada.

The KBS logo on the side of its HQ building.

Update: No end in sight for crisis facing KBS

Unusually swift political approvals for changes to KBS's funding mechanism and the sudden dismissal of its Chairman signal an ongoing crisis.

SABC HQ South Africa

SABC facing a financial crisis

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is facing a financial crisis as it battles to escape liquidation.

RTVE stands at a crossroads again

Public broadcaster RTVE is once again facing a management crisis, with the appointment of a new president unlikely to take place until 2024.

Cartoon image. Huddle of photographers interviewing one person while a lone reporter is holding a microphone over a wall.

We need a more humanitarian journalism

A new book argues for a more humanitarian journalism, caring less about how 'newsworthy' a crisis is and more about the scale of suffering.

Studio Cameras in Newsroom. Credit: Adwo/Shutterstock https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/studio-cameras-newsroom-1350698921

European public media organisations prepare for energy shortages

Some public media organisations are scaling up their energy-saving measures and sustainability policies in light of potential energy shortages.