New talk show effectively transforms RTHK into a mouthpiece of the state

The Public Media Alliance condemns the use of Hong Kong’s public broadcaster as a government mouthpiece as it faces yet another challenge to its diminishing independence.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Stifling of independent and public media continues

There are troubling times ahead for independent media in Hong Kong, with intensifying pressure from mainland China.

RTHK night

RTHK producer on trial amid wider concerns for public broadcaster

An RTHK producer has gone on trial for accessing car ownership details on official databases as part of a report on police misconduct. Her trial is yet another blow for media freedom in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong: Dark month at RTHK suggests a grim future for the public broadcaster

The situation facing public broadcaster and PMA member RTHK in Hong Kong is deteriorating rapidly.

Global Task Force

Erklärung der ‘Global Task Force for Public Media’ zum Verbot von ‚BBC World News‘ in China

Die ‚Global Task Force for Public Media‘ ist zutiefst beunruhigt über die Entscheidung der Regierung der Volksrepublik China, den Empfang von ‚BBC World News‘ in China zu sperren.

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PMA Statement: China’s ban on BBC broadcasts is cause for deep concern

The Public Media Alliance is deeply concerned by China’s recent actions regarding the BBC and the impact this has on media freedom within the region.

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RTHK suspends BBC live relay following mainland ban

Hong Kong's public broadcaster discontinues BBC World Service live relay following Chinese regulator's ban of BBC World News broadcasts.

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Focus on PSM | Hong Kong

The situation facing independent and public media in Hong Kong went from bad to worse in 2020 with the imposition of a new National Security Law.

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Hong Kong: RTHK faces escalating pressures

In the past year, RTHK has been subject to official warnings, tightening restrictions, and “political persecution”. The arrest of a producer earlier this week is just the latest in a string of mounting pressures.

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Further restrictions on media freedom in Hong Kong

New developments have painted an even grimmer picture for the future of media freedom and editorial independence in Hong Kong.